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Care, A Click Away.

Comprehensive medical care from the comfort of your home.


TellyHealth brings the doctor to your living room via phone & video.

  • Telemedicine Solutions
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Medication Prescriptions
  • Lab Work & Testing
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is right for you.

TellyHealth is your key to staying out of the hospital and addressing issues before they require acute care.

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Skip the waiting room. Skip the traffic. Skip right into the virtual doctor’s office.


It’s not always easy going out. With us, the care you need comes to you.


Our network of doctors and specialists span the healthcare spectrum.

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with RPM.

With RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring), the patient receives a device(s) at the recommendation of a doctor to help monitor the patient's health at home.

RPM creates a digital connection between you and your provider using familiar tools, like a cellular weight scale, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff or glucometer.

What is

Telehealth is medical care that takes place via phone or video, offering patients virtual contact with skilled healthcare professionals whenever and wherever they may be located.

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TellyHealth is a leader in this growing space, with a mission of empowering patients to live their best life outside the confines of a healthcare facility.

Life is better with TellyHealth.

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We are in network with all major insurances.

We’ll handle the hassle so you can remain focused on living life to the fullest. At TellyHealth, we accept most major insurance providers.

Patients Say

After my mother was discharged, we were nervous that she would no longer have 24/7 supervision. Then we found TellyHealth and they haven’t left our side since!

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to become a TellyHealth patient. It’s a complete game-changer.
M. Peters
Scranton, PA

Even though I left the rehab facility, my diabetes came home with me. Tellyhealth’s RPM monitoring has kept me safe and healthy since. Highly recommend them!
Nancy F.
Mobile, Alabama